What People Are Saying about Lorraine

Lorraine’s workshops

“Many, many thanks for the brilliant workshop you gave and for all the lightbulbs that went off in my brain. Inspired, that’s how I feel, and I’m writing more now than before.”

—Marguerite D.

“My head is filled with ideas and helpful suggestions! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to see where this leads me.”

—Madelyn H.

“Lorraine understands the voice that is required to convey a deeply personal story. She ferries you from ambiguity and confusion to clarity and completion.”

—Kathy O.

“I got much food for thought and strategy during the two days in Nanuet. Can we bottle the air there so that we can take a whiff of it when we need inspiration and support as we work on our memoirs?”

—Mary B.

“I’m still flying from our weekend workshop. I just feel so fulfilled. You are so gifted. You have given birth to the stories of so many people.”

—Betty L.

“What a valuable seminar. The subject matter, the way you presented it, and the people in the group all worked well together.”

—Marcia M.

“I’ve been telling everyone how great your workshop was. A lot of clarity for me.”

—Karen P.

“It was fantastic! Thank you for your amazing workshops!”

—Debra S.

“The weekend was VERY meaningful to me. THANK YOU again.”

—Richard M.

“The topic, the people, the work we did really moved me … it was the final kick I needed to get focused on doing the work I really want to do. I feel like I accomplished my goal. I feel like I can own it—‘I’m a writer.’”

—Catherine K.

“Thanks for sending the memorable experience last weekend. I’ve gotten a tan from the afterglow.”

—Sherri B.

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend!”

—Mary R.

“It was nice to see all those smiling faces emerge from a deeply emotional weekend. The human spirit is something else, isn’t it? It is good to know that light can emerge from the darkness. Thanks for the retreat. I’m holding onto the glow as long as I can.”

—Rich D.

“The weekend was magical. That word is strong and corny, but fitting!”

—Lisa W.

“Your workshop was sheer heaven. The people who came were wonderful, and you do SUCH a good job with teaching. I ordered several of the books you read from. It was so helpful to hear examples of what worked, and what did not.”

—Karen P.

“You are a special person: inspiring, energetic, insightful. To listen to you, speak with you … yet again … was so wonderful. What an evening! I’m now anxious to meet my writing buddies this morning and tackle a piece about understanding my father.”

—Carl S.

“Thank you for your workshop. You opened many windows and the fresh air was uplifting. You started with LOVE—love that comes from understanding. I realized from your presentation that the thread of my book is re-discovering love. I came away with many nuggets, too many to list.”

—Steven T.

Lorraine’s book editing

Lorraine Ash is an exceptional person who is extremely talented with literary skills and a great teacher and coach. I can easily see why she also teaches writing courses in addition to being an outstanding newspaper reporter.

It has been an extremely rewarding experience to work with her as editor of my book. She has taught and guided me with patience through each step and shared superb ideas to make each chapter better and always retain the reader’s attention.

Lorraine is every author’s dream—someone who is knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, and genuine and who generously shares her creative and editorial talents and skills to make anyone’s book reflect a high standard of excellence. She has superb editing skills and pays attention to every detail, including end notes. Lorraine shows tremendous passion and purpose herself. She is a high performer who follows through and who completes all tasks in a most timely manner.

I know we will work together again, perhaps on another book, and or series of articles, as she epitomizes all the skills, knowledge, and positive attitude that reflects the “best in class.” 

—Dr. Rose K. Gantner
Workplace Wellness: Performance with a Purpose

Lorraine is an absolute joy to work with. She has the ability to inspire and encourage while she is editing and questioning a manuscript. She uses her insight and experience to help bring any story to its highest potential.

As a first-time author, I was overwhelmed with the details of writing a book. Lorraine helped allay my fears as she encouraged me to see the potential that my story had to inspire others. She gave me deadlines so that I wouldn’t drown in the words I wanted to write. She helped me unravel my thoughts as I struggled to share my deeply personal experience. When I complained I couldn’t keep going, she gave me a vision of how the book would look when it was finished.

Lorraine Ash is the ultimate coach. If she believes in you and your work, she won’t let you give up, let alone fail. I have learned to love and respect the tender heart that is underneath her teaching and editing excellence.

—Lo Anne Mayer
Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death

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