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LIFE TOUCHES LIFE: A Mother’s Story of Stillbirth and Healing

Life Touches LifeA couple years ago, Lorraine Ash sent me the manuscript for her book, Life Touches Life (NewSage 2004). I was so moved by the book that I wrote the foreword for it.

Though I receive hundreds of manuscripts every year, this one really got my attention. For one thing, I’ve been at the bedside of many women who have gone through the experience of stillbirth and miscarriage. And I knew that Lorraine’s book would help them. For another, Lorraine’s story has universal appeal for anyone who is suffering from loss and grief—whether or not it’s from pregnancy loss.

I was also moved by another essential truth so beautifully explored in this book: our illusion of control and perfection. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we expect even though we’ve done all the right things. Somewhere along the way, this knowledge became lost to our culture, and sadly, this “secret” continues to be obscured. But embracing the inevitable pain and loss that are part of life is part of the journey. It makes us strong and compassionate. We become more human when our hearts have been broken. Having lost our former death grip on control, we have the chance to truly be with “what is” in both our own life and the lives of others. And often, “what is” is not what we thought it would be. We have to feel our feelings about this fully and then release them. This whole-hearted presence is a gift to humanity.

Finally, Life Touches Life is the story of one little soul, Victoria, whose presence (and big spirit) imbue this book with great wisdom. You can actually feel Victoria behind the scenes, orchestrating the whole process that transforms grief into joy.

During this month in which we celebrate Mother’s Day, I want to acknowledge the contribution of those children who never made it into the nursery, but who nevertheless, have left their presence on their mother’s hearts forever. Life Touches Life is a gift that will help heal those hearts.


Christiane Northrup