Women Writing by the Sea
A weekend retreat for readers, writers & thoughtful life travelers 
LORRAINE ASH, MA, is the author of Life Touches Life: A MotherĘs Story of Stillbirth and Healing (NewSage Press), a memoir that has reached mothers throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as in Mexico, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and China. She also is a published playwright and essayist and, for 27 years, an award-winning journalist and newspaper columnist. Lorraine, on the Web at www.lorraineash.com, teaches writing workshops at conferences nationwide. 

Leave the stress and confusion of the modern world for a long weekend.  Connect to the power and beauty of your life stories and learn to write them in a way that touches hearts
 and transforms lives, including your own. 

The words that flow from our pens weave meaning through and among our life experiences. This meaning grows into wisdom and healing and, often, beautiful works of art. Learn to summon, present and arrange pieces of your life and inner history into a rich memoir full of surprises. You will outline a book project, write drafts of some passages and leave with inspiration to keep you going. 
Join us October 3-6, 2008 
at the Grandview Mansion in Long Beach Island, NJ
Retreat Facilitators
MARY-MICHAEL LEVITT, Ed. S., LMFT, LPC,  poet and director of the Riverview Counseling Center, www.riverviewcc.com, since 1984. A therapist, educator, advocate and mentor, Mary-Michael has facilitated women's retreats for more than 20 years.
Experience the luxury of the Grandview Mansion, an 8,000-square-foot house on a private beach, home of the Women Writing by the Sea Retreat. 
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 (908) 850-5778
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DAWN BELL, Owner, Attentive Touch, is an experienced massage therapist with a degree from the Allied Medical and Technical School in Scranton. She offers Swedish Therapeutic Massage, Deep 
Tissue Massage, Chair Massage, Prenatal Massage, Touch Therapy, Pediatric 
Massage and Hot Stone Therapy.
Business Phone: (908) 878-9113
ELLE LEVENSON, Reflexologist, is nationally certified in reflexology, a healing practice that centers on the feet but deeply nurtures and relaxes the
 whole body. She also offers Champissage, an Indian head, neck and shoulder massage perfect for writers or anyone who sits at a computer for long periods.
Business Phone: (973) 625-8008
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