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  • Saturday-Sunday, November 12-13, 2016, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
    How to Write a Mini Memoir (Because Every Great Story Doesn’t Need to be a Book)
    A two-day memoir retreat for women and men
    Cuppa Pulp Writers’ Space, 119 Main Street, Suite 2, Nanuet, New York 10954
    (Lunches on your own at one of the many wonderful eateries in the neighborhood.)
    Register at www.cuppapulp.com/cilk119/event/how-to-write-a-mini-memoir-nov

    How to Write a Mini Memoir (Because Every Great Story Doesn’t Need to be a Book)

    Writing a mini memoir helps us dive directly into the heart of our own story—its central questions, its seminal images, its essential shape—in a way that is emotionally satisfying for the writer and the reader. Market demand for the mini memoir (5,000 to 30,000 words) and its cousin, the personal essay (1,000 to 5,000 words), is high. Readers love these popular forms, which are immersive, take less time to read than a full book, and often cost less. In this workshop you will:

    • Outline and write a piece of your own mini memoir
    • Outline and write a piece of your own personal essay

    You will learn:

    • The difference between a mini memoir and a personal essay
    • Techniques for short memoiric writing, including story silhouetting and time telescoping
    • The three essential elements to a marketable personal essay
    • Markets and venues to sell/distribute your work, including Kindle Singles, Medium.com, and a variety of excellent online/print magazines such as The Atlantic and The Sun
    • Ways to use your mini memoirs, which can be artistic ends and commercial products in themselves or instruments to gauge public interest in, or market, a full-size book
    • Ways to use your personal essays, which can be instruments of education and advocacy on myriad platforms

    Special guest speaker on Sunday: Bob Hennelly, a weekly contributor to Salon, City & State, and WBGO-Newark Public Radio.

    Live too far to commute?

    These hotels are all within five minutes of Cuppa Pulp:

    NOTE: Nyack, New York, which has terrific restaurants and a local arts scene, is 10 minutes away.

    Questions? Contact Lorraine.

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