A message from Lorraine Ash

I’m pleased to announce the publication of Corona City: Voices from an Epicenter, released by Magic Dog Press on November 22, 2020 and available on Amazon.com.

Corona City book cover, with an image of the usually bustling interior of New York’s Grand Central Station almost deserted due to the pandemic

Corona City is a 262-page, full-color charity anthology of first-person writings and photography. It chronicles life in New Jersey and New York when both states were the nation’s first COVID-19 epicenter.

The volume, currently available as an 8½" x 8½" paperback coffee table book, plus an online supplement, serves a few purposes: It creates community during lockdown. It bears witness for posterity. And it funnels money—100 percent of royalties—directly to hunger relief.

We have certainly employed the power of first-person writing in this endeavor, with our authors contributing essays, micro-memoirs, diary excerpts, narrative poems, and even nursing notes. The photography lends another dimension—myriad, distinctive, street-level views of a pandemic underway from the Bronx down to Burlington County.

Though I have edited Corona City, the work of more than one hundred people made it a reality. All of us are volunteers.

Special thanks to the contributors, our sixty-two authors and sixteen professional photographers, and to our six wonderful endorsers who hail from both states—New Jersey Governor Christie Todd Whitman; Dar Williams, singer-songwriter; Sue William Silverman, noted memoirist; Dr. Heidi Horsley, grief author; John E. Welshons, spiritual teacher and author; and Chloe Yelena Miller, poet.

And special thanks to our executive team for their extraordinary efforts:

The sensational design on this book is the work of Sherry Wachter of Magic Dog Press, which published Corona City. Sherry worked doggedly for months to create this distinctive book as only she could.

Intellectual property lawyer Lloyd Jassin provided essential and valuable legal guidance.

Bill Ash provided proofreading and back-end quality controls.

Last but certainly not least, Dan Kulp created an energetic, expert, and comprehensive publicity campaign.

All of us, as well as the project’s angel networkers and supporters, are listed on the Acknowledgments pages in the back of the book.

Now we need readers to complete the process. Won’t you support this effort? You can buy a book or two or three and help your fellow Americans in a time of great and unprecedented need.

If you are so inspired, please review Corona City on Amazon. We would be most grateful.

May God bless us all and deliver us through this difficult time.


“Lorraine is one of those rare writers who can make any scene come alive. She has understanding and a wisdom born of experience, and she can see into the heart of a story perhaps better than anyone I know. The details she chooses when she describes or narrates are always the right ones for the piece and for the emotions involved. She's a fine journalist, a fine memoirist, and, simply put, a really fine writer.”

Pat Carr, PhD
author of The Women in the Mirror and One Page at a Time: On a Writing Life
winner of the Iowa Short Fiction Award and the PEN Southwest Book Award